Be an informed voter


Dear Editor:


President Donald J. Trump is doing everything he promised he would do when he was running for president. That’s a very different and a very refreshing contrast to what we had with George Bush and Barrack Obama for the past sixteen years of former Presidents.

President Trump is definitely “Making America Great Again”. He just keeps winning and winning.  He’s driving the Dems even crazier and that means the whole United States is finally back on the right track.

We need to help him by voting for and electing local and state political candidates who support President Trump. Don’t be fooled by the lies that some of the liberal left-wing political Democrats want you to believe.  Not one Democrat (including the ones we sent to Washington from Mississippi) voted for President Trump’s recent tax relief package. The Dems vote exactly the way Nancy Pelosi tells them to vote, and that’s usually NO!, NO!, NO! to what President Trump is trying to accomplish for us.

Remember, Democrat Hillary Clinton called us a bunch of ‘Deplorables’.  She meant that insult to Scott Countians, but that was not very nice of Hillary Clinton to say that about us.

Don’t vote the way Nancy Pelosi (or anyone else for that matter) tells you how to vote. Be an informed voter before going to the voting booth and then vote the way, and for whom, you want to vote.

We’ve finally got someone in the U.S. President’s office that we need and someone who puts America First! Don’t waste this rare opportunity that we now have. In this upcoming mid-term election and for the next presidential election, I am going to vote only for those who fully support President Trump.

May God bless Trump, may God bless Scott County and may God bless our America!


John B. Windham