Johnny Pogue Letter

Dear Editor:


I am a long time employee of Clearview Landfill. I was concerned about the (article in) last week’s paper about the smell at the landfill. The article states that Hydrogen Sulfide was detected in the air quality test that the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality conducted. I looked at a copy of the air quality report the air was tested for Hydrogen Sulfide there was none found. So that statement was not true.

The two paragraphs that followed giving a description of what high concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide will do I thought were unnecessary because none was detected.

I and several other co-workers have worked at this landfill for over 25 years and do not suffer any health problems from working at the landfill. Me and the other employees at Clearview Landfill do our best everyday to make sure we are doing our job in the right way. We are also residents of this county and care for our community and environment.

I know that in November that some of the management had a meeting with some of the local residents to address their concerns of the odor issues and to let them know what is planned to resolve the issue. Us along with a lot of contractors are working hard everyday to get the odor issue resolved. We feel like it is improving everyday.

Waste Management is a good place to work, cares deeply for the community and environment. The people that I work with are also lifelong residents of Scott County and would not do anything to hurt the community.


Johnny Pogue