Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

One of the saddest parts of this ongoing pandemic, to me, is the passing of people with no opportunity to pay our respect to them.

One of these was Mrs. Molly Lide Monk who passed away recently.  She was Home Economics teacher at Lake High School for many years. Mrs. Monk was not only a Home Economics teacher, she taught us about life.  She was truly concerned about the life of all of her students.  She had no children of her own, but loved her students equally.

My sister Pat Brock, and I visited her several times in the assisted living home and later in the nursing home.  She remembered us and our brothers and asked about numerous students she had taught.

Every time we visited she would talk about sewing. I carried some of the quilts, that I have made, to show her. Because of her guidance and influence, Pat and I have recently made and donated over 200 Masks and 24 hospital gowns.  She would have been proud!

I attended the short graveside service in her honor.  One of her former pastor’s said a few words of comfort to a dozen friends and family. Her life was an inspiration to so many more!  I will always treasure her memory and the things she taught a poor little country girl.  Times were tough back then too!

She turned 102 years old in March before her death in April. If you have someone in your life who inspires or blesses you, tell them now while they can still hear you.  Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed!

Carolyn Weaver Nester


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