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Installation Service

Prayers and concern for the following people: Kollyns Corley, baby daughter of Jeffrey and Jessica Dennis, Angela Knight, Bro Don Cook, Billy and Clara Brown, Karren Abel, Charles Knight, Malinda Breedlove, Charles Cecil Thrash, Jimmy Dobbs, John Thrash, Hulon Hillman, Logan Skinner, Marilyn Coglan, Jeremy Corley, Jonathan Corley, Kim Kiddy, Hardy Maxey,  Betty Wall, Willie Graham, Clara Brown,  Betty Maxey,  Shelia Towner,  Barney and Mott Green, Kenneth Graham, Shelia Hedrick, Kameron Buffington,  Kolby Buffington, Kemper Gomillion, Wyatt Gomillion,  Shirley Boxx, Sada Sistrunk and Johnny Thrash.

Special prayers for Sherry Ingold, the rural mail carrier from Attala County who was shot while delivering mail.

Special prayers for those who are residing in nursing homes: Charles Breedlove, Dot Gainey, Frances Loper, Lucille Cox,  Syble Sistrunk, Dorzell Creel, Bro. Charles Morrow.

If I have missed someone, please let me know: text to 601-507-1062 or email me at

Happy birthday to the following people: Ann French, Wayde Nickless, Brenda Madison, Naomi Massey, Justin McDill, Lakishia McPhail, Latashia Watkins, Lauren Davidson, Andrea Arney, Ashley McCann, Dewayne Hughes, Kayti Powell.

Thought to ponder: “Let today be the day you learn the grace of letting go and the power of moving on.”