Bobcats fall to French Camp Academy 38-6

The French Camp Academy Panthers achieved a decisive victory against the Sebastopol Bobcats last Thursday at French Camp. With only one score on the night, Sebastopol marked another loss on their unimposing record of 3-8.
When asked about the game, Coach Jason Greene said, “We never got our offense rolling. For one thing we always started with terrible field position. We stayed in the hole all night.” The Bobcats kept their score low until the final quarter. However, the effort was too little and came too late.
French Camp Academy opened quarter one like a shot with an 80-yard rushing touchdown with a good point after. Additionally, they scored a 22-yard field goal which, at the end of the first quarter, brought the score to Sebastopol 0, French Camp Academy 10.
Coach Greene said, “Defensively, we gave up too many big plays, both on the ground and through the air. We did kick two kickoffs in the end zone and punts and punt coverage was nice. But it wasn’t our night.” This rang especially true in the next two quarters.
Quarters two and three were just as brutal as the first and then some. The Panthers pounced at every scoring opportunity afforded them by the Bobcat defense. With a 61-yard rushing touchdown and a 16-yard touchdown reception, and two good point-after-touchdown kicks, the Panthers added 14 points to their score. At the end of the half, the score was Sebastopol 0, French Camp Academy 24. They did not stop there.
The Panthers scored two more touchdowns on completed receptions — a 42-yarder and a 34-yarder — and good points after each touchdown. The score was French Camp 38, Sebastopol 0 at the end of the third quarter. Things would change in the final quarter of the game.
The Bobcats mustered some force to score an 11-yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter. The attempted two-point conversion failed, but they circumvented a shutout. Defensively, the Bobcats prevented the Panthers from scoring any more points.
Statistically, the Bobcats carried the ball 27 times for 118 yards, and completed five out of 20 pass attempts for 69 yards. The Bobcats also had 57 total tackles and one sack for a five-yard loss. They punted six times for a total of 275 yards.
The Panthers completed 11 out of 17 pass attempts for 153 yards and carried 27 times for 269 yards. Three of their five touchdowns were passed, and two were rushed. They had 42 tackles, three interceptions, and two passes defended.
When asked what is next for the Bobcats, Coach Greene said, “We’ve got one more game and it’s at West Lowndes. It’ll be senior night and they should play inspired. We’re gonna practice and prepare this week to go get a victory. Maybe end on a good note.”
In thinking of the season as a whole and how the team has progressed, Coach Greene said, “We’ve definitely become more organized offensively. Lots of penalties and mistakes have been cut out. Some of our younger guys on defense have settled into their positions, specifically at outside linebacker.”
Looking to the future for the Bobcats, Coach Greene said, “We need to improve our offseason and hit the ground running in August. We’ve got to find more weapons on offense. Defensively, I hope to get more speed on the field. The overall culture needs to improve.” By “improve the culture,” Coach Greene specifically referred to having better attitudes, work ethic, and developing leaders on the field.