Call this impeachment hoax what it is - a coup


The real reason behind the impeachment farce is the Democrats believe that President Trump should not be president. It’s not what the president has done, or not done, it is all about the Democrats trying to cover their own corruption and getting the president out of office before the 2020 election. That’s it plain and simple.

For two years we had the Russian collusion hoax followed by the special counsel, Robert Mueller. After spending approximately 33 million dollars of taxpayer money it ended up there really wasn’t any collusion. It was a big expensive  nothing.

So Americans said, well let’s move on, President Trump has two more years but the zealots, the anti Trump forces refuse to allow our country to move forward. Now, they’re trying to impeach the president over a phone call he made to the Ukrainian president.

Again, it’s a big ultra-biased nothing that is unraveling with each passing day. If you’re following the news, you know it’s just completely insane.

But I want to talk about one reason the Democrats are so frazzled and why this is happening. The U.S. Justice Department and a man named John Durham is a big reason why this impeachment fiasco is happening right now.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham, who is a well respected U.S. attorney from Connecticut, to investigate the origins and alleged crimes involved by multiple federal agencies in the Russia collusion investigation. Mueller, even while waisting over $30 million tax payer dollars did not do that. His only target was the president.

Durham is now looking into the actions of the FBI, CIA, State Department and Department of Defense as to their actions under President Obama, and following President Trump taking office.

The word is Durham is accumulating detrimental information at a rapid rate and this has the Democrats worried. From what has been reported, elements within the federal government were determined to ruin Trump by illegal leaks to the press.

We know the head of the FBI, James Comey was fired, the assistant head of the FBI McCabe was fired and there are many others that are suspect in their actions.

Durham has the full power to formally indict all wrongdoers unmasked in his investigation. Thus far, there have only been low rumblings about the findings of the investigation, but some credible news outlets are indicating there’s a grand jury already in place.

If Durham comes back with indictments against people in the FBI, CIA,  State Department under Barack Obama, Attorney General Barr will move forward to prosecute them.

As with anything dealing with the government, especially prosecutions in Washington, that’ll take a long while. In all likelihood, this will overlap with the 2020 presidential election. President Trump could have the chance to rightly say the United States has indicted former Obama Administration officials for trying to destroy his administration and his campaign.

Knowing President Trump, I’m sure he will make that a huge campaign theme.

The Democrats, assisted greatly by the national media, cannot allow that to happen without something to push back at Trump with. Therefore, we have impeachment.

It has been clear from the very beginning there’s no crime whatsoever here. There’s no reason that a sitting president would be removed for trying to find out information about possible government corruption.

Have you noticed that all of the impeachment testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee is secret. The reason the Democrats are doing that, is they can release only the parts of testimony that furthers their hoax.

This is just another ploy by a defeated political party. Since President Trump was elected the plan has been to remove him from office. This is the third or fourth attempt to remove a rightfully elected U.S. president. It’s time we call this what it is — a coup against all Americans!


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