Democrats refuse to criticize violent supporters


I watch the Democrats accuse the president and conservatives for inciting violence and divisiveness every day. But it’s the exact opposite that’s truly happening. There are literally thousands of videos showing Democrat supporters and leftist extremist groups instigating and committing unprovoked and despicable violence against innocent people of all ages.

What have these innocent people done to provoke attacks from those acting like degenerates? Well they have done awful things such as wear a MAGA hat or Trump shirt in public, wear a police uniform while on duty, visit a college campus to give a speech or they stand their ground while they exercise their right to free speech.

If we had an unbiased national press, words like anarchy, assault, and lawlessness would be used to describe these horrible acts. The incessant violence is being carried out by cowards. They hide their identity and attack in groups like wolves attacking prey. What really bothers me is these cowards are proud of their hateful acts. There is nothing more un-American than attacking innocent and defenseless people. 

How many times have the Democrats, or their lap-dog media pundits, rebuked ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the countless LGBT and Pro-Choice groups or college campus groups for irrefutable acts of violence? Not one time. In fact, I contend they protect these people who act like wild animals and savages.

This Thursday last, President Trump gave a speech to more than 19,000 energetic supporters inside the Target Center in Minneapolis. While the huge crowd of citizens watched the president deliver a classic rally speech like only Trump can, they had no idea that evil awaited them outside in the streets.

Hundreds of masked and hooded antagonists had gathered outside. News outlets later called them “peaceful protesters,” but they were not there to protest. These hoodlums were there to attack.

When the people exited the venue, these cowards unleashed their leftist rage on anyone they could corner. 

They proceeded to commit some of the most disgusting and heinous acts I have seen. They threw human urine and feces on people, burned MAGA hats, accosted reporters, called cops “pigs” while yelling “save a life, kill a cop” and physically attacked innocent people.

If that’s what the national media calls “peaceful” protesters, I would hate to know what they call violent protestors.

As the vicious crowd began their brutal assault, one video captured the disturbing scene where three communist flags were being waved above the crowd. How disturbing is that?

On another video a group of masked ANTIFA cowards can be heard yelling, “there’s a Nazi over there, get him” before they chased down a man walking alone.  The group of at least five assailants slapped, kicked, pushed and punched the man before he ran away bloodied and terrified.

In another act of true classlessness, one Trump supporter was being interviewed on camera when a protestor spit directly in his face. The man exhibited strong emotional control, something these protesters will never have, and simply whipped off the spit and continued to explain why he supports President Trump and loves America. 

How did the national media report these disturbing assaults? Multiple news outlets used the same headline: “Protesters Square Off After Trump Rally.” But there was no such “square off,” it was a planned assault from the beginning. 

The Democrats neither rebuked nor condemed this violence, which indicates they condone such vile acts. This is more evidence of the ongoing Leftist violence, and not one Democrat has publicly denounced the barbarity.

Why won’t Democrats publicly denounce their supporters’ brutality? I believe the Democrats are getting exactly what they want. They want violence and chaos to divide the American people. Just remeber the rallying cry first uttered in 1768 prior the Revolutionary War, “Together we stand, divided we fall.”


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