Every citizen has a duty and that is to vote


The general election is this coming Tuesday, if you are registered to vote then by all means necessary get out and vote. If you are not registered then go register so that you can exercise one of the most important responsibilities you have as an American citizen.

If you have read any of my columns you should have little doubt what side of the political aisle I fall on, but those are my personal opinions and I simply call them like I see them. These thoughts and beliefs continually run rampant through my head and thankfully I have an outlet for them in my writing or they very may well cause cranial cracks from within.

It doesn’t matter what you believe or which candidate you believe can best deliver the actions that best suit you. The most important thing is to get out and have a say.

Our past generations believed that our right to vote was every bit as valuable and precious as gold, and they make sure they are at the polls every time it opens. The younger generations have always either shied away from the polls or just chose not to participate and this is setting a dangerous precedent. By not participating in the elections process we are letting each other down and opening the door for demagogue politicians and intense special interest groups to do anything they want without fear of being held accountable.

Voting is our opportunity to choose new leadership or hold incumbents accountable for their past actions or inactions. It’s our right to hire and/or fire our elected representatives.

During the 2016 general election there were approximately 158 million registered voters yet only 58 percent, or 92 million voters, actually made it to the poll. That means that 66 million voters who had already registered simply didn’t even take the time to stand-up and be counted. The more disturbing fact is that there are approximately 250 million legally eligible voters in this country and yet we only average a participation rate of around 54 percent every election.

We are choosing the leaders that make decisions that affect us now and, in the future, and there has never been a more important election than the one that will be held this coming Tuesday. Every election that takes place is the most important one to date, but next Tuesday’s election will prove to be one of the most pivotal points in our country’s history.

Call your friends and family, both locally and afar, and encourage them to get out to do their duty as an American citizen.

Come November 6, there will be many non-citizens, illegal immigrants and citizens that are at a forever rest in the cemetery that will unlawfully exercise the right to vote. If voters can find a way to cast their vote from beyond the grave I wholeheartedly believe we living souls can make it to the polls as well.  

Our ancestors fought the rule of Britain and the most feared army in the world because they wanted to be heard more than anything. The y fought for the right to have a say, and the right to have a hand in their own future. They fought and died for this right and today only one of every two citizens feel the need to show up and vote. What would the patriots that fought and died for this right think about those embarrasing numbers?

I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me, if you’re liberal, conservative or somewhere in between, or if you love or hate President Trump. What matters to me is that you make the effort to be counted and have a say. This country is all about differing opinions and viewpoints. When issues arise we discuss, debate and then we vote, or our elected officials vote, and that my friend is the American way.

If you are of voting age, a non-felon and a legal citizen it time to get involved in the American election process and bring someone with you. It does not matter who or what you vote for, but at least be present and counted. This country needs each and every one of us now more than ever.