Inevitable change


Technology changes, days change, even the light changes to dark on a regular schedule as the moon rises, the sun falls. Throughout life we have heard “change in inevitable.” We walk through life comfortable until life throws us a curveball or a forced change. Some changes are actions of consequences and some we have absolutely no control over. Then there is the time when we have to choose to change for our own sake.

Our lives hold people for seasons. Some seasons are short and others last for years. I try to remember God gives us just enough time to fulfill his plan and his purpose. We lose these people sometimes. Whether life circumstances end our relationships or death takes it toll we still feel the grief of loss.

As I look back on my life, I remember some of the losses I have taken each time and the change they brought about in my story. Relationships have failed, loved ones have passed on and in return I have changed. That naive hazel-eyed little girl I used to be had to grow up eventually.

Death is one of the changes we have absolutely no control over. Monday morning came with news of many losses not only in our office here at work, but also in the community overall. This is the change that generally brings grief. Grief is one of those ugly steps we have to take with loss. We sit there for a minute to feel the heartache and then we try to move on. That first episode of grief changes us, it breaks our hearts just enough to make us love a little deeper and cherish our life and the people in it.

Then there is the change that comes with moving on. Not every moving on change comes with grief. Sometimes we simply outgrow friendships or relationships and these we look back on and smile with fond memories. Then you have the forced moving on. You have to choose to move on for your own well being and getting away from the person or situation that is causing so many problems.

This change often brings grief with it as well. It is more like we break our own hearts by doing what is best for ourself.  With change supposedly being inevitable we think it wouldn’t be so hard for some people to change, but it is. Often times just when you are about to give up the change finally comes and other times you just have to move on, gather the pieces of your broken heart, and try to glue them back together as best as you can.

These inevitable changes don’t always have to be bad, because for everything bad there is always something good. Babies are born. Kids grow up. Marriages are started. Life can be funny like that sometimes, because from unimaginable pain can come a new beginning. From unfathomable grief amazing love can grow. So, we pray there is more good than bad and bet on the cards we are given hoping we have a great hand.