Learn from history and vaccinate


A recent report has surfaced about the first case of Tetanus in Oregon in over 30 years. An unvaccinated 6-year-old boy almost died at the hands of a preventable disease. He endured severe muscle spasming affecting his entire body, spasms so intense he had to be placed on a ventilator. Even after almost losing their child and 57 days in the hospital the family still refused vaccination.

Anti-vaccination propaganda has become such an issue that there are two sides lashing it out daily. Most of America knows vaccination is common sense. The resources to help keep us healthy are readily available so why not take advantage of them.

Anti-vaxxers will list ingredients, suspected adverse reactions, or googled data trying to disprove any other opinion including those of medical professionals. Their tactics have brainwashed once vaccinating parents into thinking this is not the appropriate decision for their child.

The World Health Organization has ranked vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 health threats in the world for 2019. Many have been led to believe that Autism, Lupus, and other disorders/diseases are side effects of vaccination. There has been no link confirmed between any of these issues and vaccinations. In fact a recent study revealed there was no difference in the rate of Autism between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

In these arguments there is always one  parent who says “I have not vaccinated my child and she is four years old. She has not been sick at all.” Due to the vigilance of other parents and healthcare professionals your child is benefiting from herd immunity.

Herd immunity can be thought of as a gift we give by vaccinating our children.  This gift is intended to protect children with issues that prevent them from being able to be vaccinated. When healthy kids stop being vaccinated the herd immunity drops leaving children that cannot be vaccinated at a higher risk.

Despite every argument, vaccines were created for a reason. Someone did not just wake up one day and decide “well, I am going to cure this disease nobody is suffering from.”  Obviously, that would not be beneficial to them. These now preventable diseases once wreaked havoc on children and adults sometimes wiping out entire families.

Some anti-vaccine propogandist have stated we do not even need most of the vaccines such as Varicella (chickenpox) shot. Each year, more than 3.5 million cases of varicella, 9,000 hospitalizations, and 100 deaths are prevented by vaccination in the United States. That 100 deaths may seem small to you, but when it is your child that is facing death suddenly it becomes far more important.

People in other countries rejoice at the idea of being able to get a vaccination they thought would be unavailable to their family, with so many choosing to opt-out of these readily available shots, conforming to the new-age brainwash conspiracy theories, we have to worry where this is leading our nation.

Googling symptoms does not produce a clear picture of Pertussis preventing your child from even breathing without coughing. The sad reality is most do not realize the mistake until it is too late and their child is suffering from (or has spread) something that could have been easily prevented with proper medical care.

The truth is simple, you can google until you find a written paper that says anything you want it to. Let’s use a little common sense and learn from history to ensure it does not repeat itself, vaccinate!