Students attend school for education not indoctrination


Over the preceding decade the lessons being taught and pushed upon children at school have become very troublesome. Children are sent to school to learn about the foundations of everything, but should not be subjected to teachers and school administrators’ personal political views and beliefs.

If a teacher cannot bow their head in the lunchroom to pray then teachers should not be able to push progressive ideals and beliefs in the classroom. There has been a troubling trend in public schools around the nation over the last decade, if not longer. As usual, the Southern states are the last to be penetrated by the flood of biased teachers and administrators, but this trend is slowly working its way into Southern schools. Thankfully our local schools are steadfast in educating our children rather trying to formulate their ideals.

It would seem that many school and teachers have decided that they will alter historical facts and teach lessons in a way that lines up with their liberal beliefs. This is not teaching facts to the children, it is attempting to shape their view of the world during the most important time in a child’s brain development. American traditions and historical facts that do not line up with the overall progressivism infiltrating our schools are either ignored or completely omitted from lesson plans. It appears as if there is a concerted effort to intentionally dumbify our children so that they will not be able to tell fact from left-wing progressive fiction.

Each day there is a new report of either a school or teacher doing things that are just plain unbelievable. From punishing a child for saying “yes ma’am” to completely omitting parts of history that they do not believe should be taught. How is it that these people believe they have the ability to change how factual history and life lessons are taught and learned. As I see it, the job of teachers and schools everywhere in this country is to teach the facts as they occurred and as they have been proven so that each child will have a factual foundation to make decisions and determinations.

For the life of me I don’t understand the arrogance of the people who think they can create this utopia of fundamentalism that goes directly against facts. History cannot not be erased and it should never be interpreted to meet one’s self-serving goals and self-beliefs. History is what it is, and should be taught just as it happened so that we can learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes of our predecessors. History as it happened, is societies warning again of what can happen, and what will happen, if certain human actions are not either avoided or recognized.

For some reason many teachers, and school districts have decided that the educational curriculum should be politically correct rather than simply teaching the facts. History is not there to be interpreted, it is there to be taught. This is the baseline of understanding where we came from and how we got to where we are as a country, and as a human race. The facts of the matter are neither up for debate or biasedness.

The missteps the human race has made, and we as a country have made, should be highlighted not hid, it should be taught repeatedly so that we learn what worked and what didn’t. These are lessons that can teach just how savage and awful some humans can be and failure to make everyone aware of these facts leaves the door wide open for them to be repeated.

When teachers and school administrators decide that they are going to use educational curriculums to follow agendas, or push political correctness, they are no longer teaching they are propagandizing. Teaching, just like reporting news, should only include actual facts that are put forth for either the pupil or the reader so that they can make an educated determination as to what they think. Nowadays it’s no longer about educating, it is all about steering thoughts and/or beliefs to the left or the right and this is gravely dangerous. 

When we send our children off to learn at school we expect them to get an education not an indoctrination.