The Message


Christ and the Economy

Money is what the current world uses as a medium of exchange and sustenance, for that reason we talk about the economy as something directly to the monetary. When we talk about money, each one has a concept of what it means and that everything is generally related to the value of the material, but we must be aware that there are also spiritual reaches that ultimately determine our way of living according to what we think and we believe. Jesus Christ saw in money a formidable enemy for the Kingdom of God that is very difficult to understand because of the tendency in human beings to deify and serve money. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.” 1 Timothy 6:10 ESV

The environment in which we live would hopefully reconcile the political-economic principles with the teachings of Jesus, but for now as we see it is impossible. With the competition of the big companies and the increasingly powerful millionaires, the application of Christian principles has a wall of greed, corruption with excessive and cruel ambitions. Everything revolves around the power of the millions. On the other hand, in the field of communications, we live in a world where both the past and the present meet instantly, and there are people who dedicate themselves to living bringing up scandals afloat no matter how long things were projected. This has transformed the Social Network into something very powerful and dangerous for society. People do not analyze but believe everything that is published and the reality is that there is much falsehood involved. Political power is currently making use of that manipulation for its own convenience and profit. However, each citizen should investigate more before making resolutions of any kind. In this sense the Holy Spirit has enormous power in Christians.

Jesus knew that money is a powerful enemy when those who possess it make a wrong use of it and their hearts become hardened abusing and asserting rights that others of its same ilk have made laws. There are those who acquire power to be able to hold public office and thus continue to enrich themselves, forgetting that one day they were elected to do good to all. The Scriptures tell us that some believed (and there are still those who believe) that they could buy the Holy Spirit which is a grave sin. In Samaria some were baptized in the name of Jesus but they had not received the Spirit yet and Peter and John when they visited received it: “Then they laid their hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit. Now when Simon saw that the Spirit was given through the laying on the apostles’ hands, he offered them money, saying, “Give me this power also, so that anyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit. But Peter said to him, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! Acts 8:17-20 ESV

For believers who receive the grace of God it is important to be aware and keep alive our faith that the Spirit of Jesus is who saves us and also helps us to keep within our limits the enemy of the Kingdom of God that is money.

May God bless you.