The Message


My life is my message


The title of this message comes from a phrase by Mahatma Gandhi, the historical leader of India who demonstrated with his life that peace is a goal that has much power. Without being a Christian, his love for peace is worth considering in today’s world society. There are sectors of youth that are showing in many countries their displeasure with the current unfair system with a lot of social inequality, through violence rarely seen. This verbal and factual violence testifies to lives without moral values and in total ignorance of God. None of them can be identified as Christian. His violence is not a message of love, but of hatred and resentment against the system that dominates the Western World.

In our environment there are some who boast of knowing much about the Bible, without considering the great difference between knowing it and living according to what God teaches us in the Word inspired by Him. We are all sinners, but not everyone is able to confess and repent of them before the merciful God. We all sometimes make mistakes but not many are able to apologize for their actions. Many say they have faith but do not put it into practice and doubt. Many are successful in their lives but they are not humble or thank God who makes everything possible. Such is life full of contradictions for some, but our Lord never contradicts himself.

Everything already expressed is sensitively important for those of us who are called to evangelize. Our lives are our messages. Who preaches, practices. “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1 ESV The Apostle Paul not only preached the doctrine that others should believe, but led such a life as the others should live. As Christ is our perfect example, our life and conduct should be followed by those who  are His disciples.

It is that the world observes us not only individually but as a nation. Those who do not believe in God are too quick to judge us. It is very easy and natural for a non-believer to lie, hate and act violently, if he achieves his personal goals. In violent groups there is no reflection of love or peace.

This message is very important in those who govern nations, create laws, impart justice, and lead today’s society. You should not lie to achieve goals. “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” James 2:24 ESV

May God bless you.


Mr. Douglas Linwood Nabors was born in Birmingham, Alabama, Monday, December 30, 1940. He passed... READ MORE