Miss Hattie


This is the first time...ever...that we have had six grandchildren playing on six different teams with two games a week. It just about takes the weekend to rest up for the next sessions and we don’t even try to go to practices. It is funny that our parent groups have turned into grandparent groups. 

So in between games we can play “do you remember what happened to you know who?”

It is such fun watching them on the field and seeing the joy in their faces. So one player strikes out — no problem — will bat again. Maybe the weather will  become a little more cooperative and we can leave the jackets at home. It is still winter down here....or is it us? Oh well, we are always prepared for most any kind of weather so far.

Some Miscellaneous tips for April;  National Arbor Day is the fourth Friday of April. This is a good time to paint and repair garden furniture and other hard construction  (bird bath, bird houses, mailbox, deck. etc)  Buy Azaleas in bloom to be sure of color.  There are so many upcoming events in our area so call your local Extension Agent for any programs you might want to join.

Many thanks to the Mississippi State Extension Service for sharing April tips.

Thought for the week: One example: Anyone who talks by the yard and thinks by the inch should be moved by the foot"  From: The Complete Book of Zingers by Croft M. Pentz (c) Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers.

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