More on baby birds and a turtle too


It didn’t take long to get a crowd in the garage to watch the hatching. As it turns out, four of the eggs never hatched, but two eggs delivered beautiful little wrens with mouths opening on a regular schedule.

That is when Tristen decided to get them some worms.....that is she asked her daddy, Scott, to get the shovel and away he dug in the Daylilly bed.....and he found three, wriggly, scriggly, awful worms in perpetual motion.  And yes, I backed up a few yards. But Scott and Tristen managed to chop some worms and hand feed them. It was sweet and a memory I will never forget. Oh, and Walker got some of the best photos of the eggs with his two special cameras.  Olivia doesn’t miss much of anything.

I found a turtle in the front yard, managed to get it in the laundry basket, brought it up to the house and showed Bob...but he was not impressed! So, I sent texts to the guys to tell them that I had caught a turtle....thinking they would all drive as soon as they could to show it to the little ones. Was I in for a surprise! 

Walker was the first to respond.  “Mom. let the turtle go.” Then Scott added, “Mom, let the turtle go.” And Brent was next “Mom, did you let the turtle go?” 

Yes, I took the turtle in the laundry basket in my car ( because it was air conditioned). I wasn't planning on cooking turtle soup anyway!

And I just have to print my favorite Sugar free Strawberry Pie. It was given to me by Sally Herrington, and it is the best I have ever eaten. The edges are getting a little worn on the recipe card, but I will just make another.


Sally Herrington’s Sugar free Strawberry Pie.

You will need:

1 prepared pie shell, we like graham cracker

4 cups strawberries

1 box three ounce sugar free vanilla pie filling

1 box three ounce sugar free strawberry jello

2 1/2 cups cold water

Mix pudding, 2 1/2 cups water and jello and bring to boil.

Chill and cool. 

Arrange 1 envelope sweetner (artificial) and sprinkle  over strawberries

Serve with Cool Whip Lite (can’t hurt)

It is just as easy to make too, so go ahead.  You won’t regret it.


Thought for the week. On Faith — If David had slain a dwarf instead of a giant, who would remember?

From The Complete Book of Zingers by Croft M. Pentz.1990. 


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