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Announcements: CPR classes are being offered at Excel learning Center August 31st from 9:00-12:00. Cost is $35. For more information call 601-732-1800.

Rawls Chapel Baptist Church will be in revival September 8-12, 2019. Rev. Marcus McDougle will be the evening speaker at 1:00 p.m. Monday night Rev. Joseph Taylor, Tuesday night Re. Scottie Ervin and Wednesday night Rev. Ronnie Brown, Thursday night Rev. Melvin Blackmon. Service begins each night at 7:00 p.m.

Revival is going on this week at Pleasant Hill M.B. Church. Wednesday-Thursday, speaker is Rev. Jeff Stingley.

Prayers For: Tiffany Townsend, Edna Lee, Maureen Minor, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Patrick, Rev. Robert Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur McCoy Sr. and Willie B. Slocum.

Sympathy, Love and understanding for the families of Rev. Les Brandon, and Sammie Nell.

On August 18, 2019 our morning message was brought by Rev. Marcus McDougle. Scripture reference John 20:24-29; Subject If there was any doubt. Our 6:00 p.m. message was brought by Rev. Tracy Glass. Scripture reverence Judges 6:11-16; Subject The Lord is with you.

Food For Thought: I think we all have heard opportunity only knocks once. Is this true? I am sure we all have missed opportunities simply because we failed to open the door. What is opportunity and when does it knock? It’s always knocking we just don’t always listen. Opportunity is desire. Desire is the force of forces. In other words, if we know what we want opportunities will certainly come our way. We must begin now to prepare ourselves to recognize opportunity and to pursue and seize the moments. Only we can fulfill our God-given destiny.

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