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Mississippi Weather

The forecast for Tuesday was BRRRR! It was a good day to catch up on inside chores that I have put off till “another day.” Regardless of the early winter blast, we have so much to be thankful for!

The County Wide “Fall Senior Rally” at New Liberty was a great day. Walt Grayson was just like he is on T.V. I always enjoy his adventures in his “Looking Around Mississippi” segments. To churches that do not attend these rallies, you are missing a blessing of vendors’ tables, health checks, good speakers, good food and great fellowship. Hope to see of you at the Spring Rally!

Also, it was good to read on a handout from Scott Regional Hospital Senior Care that our own Dr. Chasity L. Torrence is working with the Intensive Outpatient Program. She is a M.D. Psychiatry physician.

EBC NEWS: We had a celebration of Baptismal on Sunday that was a result of the Crusade. Praise God for the life changing results it created.

Prayer needs: Truman Bell, Joyce Everett, Dennis Squires, Ronnie Haralson, Doris Greer, Ann Emmons, Janet Irving, Jean Haralson, and Sue Croxton.

Hilton and Nancy Hammons celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary on Saturday with family and friends. Due to previous plans, I was unable to attend, but I celebrate with them now on that wonderful milestone. They were the previous owners of Country Side Campers on Highway 21. (Tommy Harrison purchased their business and is constructing a new building on Highway 21 in the Ringgold Community.)

One morning, like every morning, an elderly woman walked out on her porch and shouted “Thank you Lord for another day!” Her next door neighbor, did not believe in God, so he would shout back “There is no God.” One week he heard the woman praying to God for groceries. He snuck out early the next morning and put groceries on her front porch. That morning the woman came out and shouted “Thank you God, you did it again!” The man laughed and laughed! He said “God did not give you your groceries, I put them there!” She looked up into the heavens and said, “Thank you Lord, you not only sent me groceries, but you made the devil pay for them!”

In honor of Veterans Day I want to share this “The Vietnam Veteran. To those who returned with no one to greet them; To those who have been told their PTSD would go away in time; To those who have never been told ‘Thank You’ or welcome home; To those who have returned but are still haunted by the nightmares of war; To those who still react to a backfire and break out in a sweat at the sound of a chopper; To those who suffer from Agent Orange exposure and are still fighting the battle; To those who fought battles in the jungles of Vietnam and here at home; To those who have more friends in the Vietnam Memorial Wall than alive today; thank you.”

I think the above quotation says more to these great men, than we could ever say! To them I say “Happy Veterans Day!”

Woman to husband, “You told me you would spend your whole life trying to make me happy!” Husband, “I didn’t expect to live this long!”

Have a God Bless week and stay warm!