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This too will pass.

One day at at time!

You’re not stuck at home, you’re safe!  This is the time for each of us to do some serious thinking and planning. Do we want to go back to the same rush- rush with our lives, or do we want to enjoy our family more, make each day count, and not get caught up in a whirl-wind of nothingness? 

The home schooling has to be hard on the parents who  take on that teaching roll and the children that miss their friends and teachers!   Now that school has relocated to your house, is prayer back in school yet? 

Take a life inventory of things that matter most, write them down as a reminder when this is over.  

“The busiest place, when this crisis is over will be (1) The Delivery Room and (2) the Divorce Court!”

I hear, because I have not been shopping, that hoarding is still very active. Don’t these food hoarders understand the more food they buy, the more toilet paper they’ll require?

When we come out of this and your husband asks “Where do you want to eat, he doesn’t want to hear, “I don’t know” — you’ve had 45 days!

The Central Mississippi Library is offering Free E-Books.  Go to http://www.cmls.ms.us/

Great videos are available on Youtube.  Anse  Rigby is awesome singing/playing “True Love Never Dies.”

Noticed on the news that two church pastors have repeatedly and intentionally disregarded state and local mandates of  the “Safer at Home Order.” They have put their congregation, community and state in grave danger. One church had around 1,200 in attendance. They reportedly had people coming from five different states and only a few had on masks.

One pastor remarked that the services would continue being held! One, reportedly, said “we will lay hands on any of them that may get sick!”

As a seminary professor once said, “Being a Fool for Christ is not the same as being stupid for Jesus!” This other Quote is soooo true, “They say, you can’t fix stupid.  Turns out you can’t quarantine it either!”

Guy, “I normally don’t ask for anything, but I drive for a trucking company dedicated to a major  grocery distributor  and we are going to hell and back!  There’s no end in sight yet. If y’all could say a couple of prayers for our safety and strength to keep us going, we want it and need it!”  

It is good to hear that local and chain businesses  are enforcing new rules of distancing and the number of people allowed in establishments. This next two weeks is said to be the most critical in obeying this state mandate.  Praying that the “curve” of this will start turning down.

Easter has not been cancelled!  True, it will not be traditional with churches being heavily attended, but it will be celebrated in a different way.  Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ, a  Risen Savior! An empty tomb — the grave could not hold Him — Victory over the grave and over Satan — Life eternal awaits and our Savior lives!

Everyone that  has phones and electronic devices can tune in to services and hear the messages of Easter!  It has been wonderful listening electronically to EBC and several other churches while “house bound.”

Just before Easter, pine trees start new growth. The tallest branches shoot forth in the shape of a cross.  At Easter look around and you will see pine trees covered with crosses.

Scott Vaughn, BSU Director at ECCC posted this. “The President, Vice-President and Secretary of State has asked us, the ‘Bride of Christ’ to pray and be the ‘Hands and Feet’ of Jesus at this time. I’m in favor of any leader, at any time in our history or future, who makes this request.  In the name of Jesus, May we repent from our sins and live out our faith before  a lost and spiritually dying world!”

A young hunter said, he’d take a trailer hitch to the shin for all of this to be over! If you haven’t had this to happen, you have no idea the pain it gives you!

Worry is a conversation you have with yourself about things you cannot change.  Prayer is a conversation you have with God about things He can change.

If you are using potting soil, take precautions on handling!  Some bags have wording on the sack “use rubber gloves” while handling contents. A case of Legionnaries’ disease has been reported after handling. I never have seen this before, but will be cautious!

This week’s joke. In the foyer of a church, a young boy was looking at a plaque  of names of men and women that died in previous wars.  He asked the pastor,  “Who are these people?” The pastor said, “These are members from our church who died in service.” The boy asked, “The early service or the second service?”

“The atheist who says, “Why worship a god that I cannot see, is now hiding in their homes, from a virus they cannot see!”

Have a blessed week and call your neighbor, friend or others as everybody needs somebody to be interested enough to do so.


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