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Feeling Blessed

Reader’s, do you realize how blessed we are to be able to call Mississippi our home. True, we have our up’s and down’s, but as of this date, we are not in the storms way, Locally, we are not having the mass slaughter  of our citizens, many of us know our neighbors and most of all we have freedom to worship in the place of our choosing and the list goes on and on.  Most all of these blessings we just take for granted, but it takes work on everybody’s part to make them happen. 

In 1960 Sunbeam Corp. came to Forest. This, in my mind, was a break through for our area. We went from agriculture to industrial and look where we are now!  It is a pleasure to drive by the Raytheon facility. Where Sunbeam’s highest payroll included 1,000 employees, Raytheon is constantly adding to their workforce and facilities.  What a blessing for our area — one that many people aren’t aware of. I know many reader’s do not know how this all started. I was the first Sunbeam employee hired and feel this is part of the history of our area.

If you get tired of all the negative television and want some relief, the TBN channel offers some diversity.  On Sunday night at 8 p.m., former 44th. Governor of state of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, has a program that just celebrated it’s 100th show.  He is a American politician, out spoken Christian and gives a diverse hour of news/entertainment. His daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was President Trump’s former spokesperson.  She is now at Fox News as a Contributor.  She has to have thick skin to have been able to take all the political  thrashing while at the White House.

Prayer needs: Sandra Burkes, J.C. Nicholas, Haley Hardin, Sue Hollin and Melissa Bell.  Sincere sympathy to the family of Willie Triplet in their loss of loved one. 

All that  are in storms way this week and for the October 21-23 “Go And Tell” Cursade!

When storms come your way, just remember, you know the Master of the wind. When sickness finds you, remind yourself you know the Great Physician. When your heart gets broken, just say I know the Potter.  It doesn’t matter what we face or go through, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He is everything we need.

Recipe for chicken tetrazzini:  (8) oz. linguini, (1/4) stick softened butter, (2) cups cooked and shredded chicken breast, (1) can cream of chicken soup, (1) cup sour cream, (1/2) teaspoon salt, (1/4) teaspoon pepper and (1/4) cup chicken broth.

Cook linguini, drain and set aside.  Mix all ingredients listed above together with noodles and put in greased baking dish. Put (1) cup Mozzarella cheese and (1) tablespoon of Parmesan cheese over top of chicken mixture.  Cover with foil and bake 25 to 30 minutes in 350 degree oven. Leave covered until ready to serve. You can easily double these amounts for larger meal or freeze for later use. 

“Your hard job is the dream of every unemployed person,  your annoying child is a dream of every infertile couple, your small home is a dream of every homeless family, your little money is the dream of every one deep in debt, your smile is the dream of every depressed person — So, always thank God for whatever your situation.”

“I go to KFC to get the kids something to eat. They wanted the Kids Meal with legs. I said, “Kids Meal with legs” and the lady said, “which side?”  Me, in complete silence as I heavily contemplate such an odd decision. “I guess the right side, I don’t know the difference.” After several moments of silence, she says “No hunny, which side would you like to go with legs, mashed potatoes or wedges?”

I choose joy, hope, peace, gratitude and forgiveness. Because, if I don’t consciously choose them for myself, there’s no other person on the planet that can choose them for me!

Have a blessed week and share it with others!