What's wrong with Forest?


Dear Editor:

Well, the sad, undeniable truth is — Forest is dying!  So, now, the more important question becomes — Why is Forest dying? The answers to why Forest is dying may be a little too much for just one ‘letter to the editor’, but we can start with the #1 cause that Forest is dying — Forest is a Sanctuary City. 

We have plenty of research and history of how Sanctuary Cities end up (see California) — the taxpayers LEAVE and the people getting all the free services, STAY. Who is going to then pay for their millions of dollars of free education, free medical cost, free food stamps, and free housing when the taxpayers move away?  The obvious happens — Forest dies. Just look at California, the California residents are voting with their feet. They are moving out of California by the droves. A recent survey shows that over 50 percent of Californians want to move out of their state.

That can’t happen to Forest! You say. Well, Wake-up, Forest! — It’s happening right now. Look at the Forest U.S. Census reports (or just look all around you) that shows massive declines in the tax-paying population. Forest residents are moving out (or worse, closing their businesses and then moving out), and former Forest residents who were working careers somewhere else, refuse to move back to Forest when they retire — they loved Forest before when they lived here, but they want no part of it, now.

Look at the break-down of the recent years of the U.S. Census demographics for Forest. The over-all Forest School District total enrollment stays about the same each year, but the break-down shows another story.  African American and white student enrollment shows a definite decreasing trend. Hispanic student enrollment is rising each year at a spectacularly high rate. Ad Valorem taxes are paid on home, automobile, tags, utilities, business fixtures and equipment and rental property. That’s just about everything except the air you breath and — trust me — the politicians are trying to find a way to tax that. Can you guess who can expect to get an INCREASE in their tax bill EVERY year about Christmas time?  It’s not going to be a very Merry Christmas for us this coming December 2018 when we receive ANOTHER tax-increase bill.

“Don’t you have any compassion for the needy?” I hear the bleeding-heart, left-wing. tax-and-spend, Liberal Democrats asking me. Well, yes, I’ve got plenty compassion for the needy.  It’s just that I’m starting to run a little low on tax money to pay for that compassion.

I love Forest and I love Scott County. My family has been here since just after Scott County came into existence in 1833. That was before both Homewood and Forest were even a dream. I was born here. It’s my “hometown” and always will be (I’m too old to abandon it now). I grew-up here. I graduated Forest High School in 1957. I know and well understand the history of Forest and Scott County and what (and who) made it great and why we all loved and cared so much for Forest. I’ve written and published (2016) a Forest History Book (it’s at the library) about how (and why) Forest was once Great.

I want the Forest and Scott County politicians who are taking my tax dollars to do something with my tax dollars that helps, not hurts, Forest and Scott County.

We taxpayers might feel a little different if this Sanctuary City thingy was working — but it’s not working! Forest is perceived by many to be “The Dumbest City in Mississippi For 2018.”  (Google “The Dumbest City in Mississippi For 2018” (without the quotation marks) or log-on at https://www.roadsnacks.net/dumbest-cities-in-mississippi/

Forest is #4 of “The 10 Worst Places To Live In Mississippi For 2018.” (Google “The 10 Worst Places To Live In Mississippi For 2018” or log-on at https://www.roadsnacks.net/worst-places-to-live-in-mississippi/)

The naysayers will try to find a lot of different ways to “spin” these ugly truths, but the fact of the matter is that regardless how they try to “spin” it — this is not a pretty picture.

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The City of Forest and Scott County politicians would do well to understand that it does not make Forest and Scott County great again when they (the politicians) tax the taxpayers to death in order to pay for a Sanctuary City. The Pols are always looking for more ways to get more revenue to spend.  Look at the notices in The Scott County Times for more Ad Valorem taxes needed later this year.  “We need more!  We need MORE!” — See the “proposed ad valorem tax effort will be considered” advertised in the June 6, June 13 and June 20, 2018 Scott County Times.  I’m not real sure what a “tax effort” means but something tells me they’re coming for our wallets — AGAIN.

Forest has a taxing and spending problem, not a “we need more revenue” problem.

Who (or what) is to blame (or depending on how you feel about it — gets the credit) for Forest becoming a Sanctuary City? You can be assured it did NOT “just happen” out of the blue, one day. It was a well thought-out plan — a multi-billion dollar plan!  It was, and is, a well executed plan over a long period of time. Somebody gets the credit or the blame for Forest being a Sanctuary City. But, Who? We need to put some names on this Sanctuary City thingy. Give them the credit or the blame. Who? The answer to that question is easy to determine — just follow the money.  Ask yourself who benefits from intentionally making Forest a Sanctuary City? The “chickens are coming home to roost” and Forest is crying and dying.

America First!

Make Forest and Scott County Great Again!

John B. Windham